Living the Coconut Dream

 I normally use Almond Milk to make my porridge each morning when I thought I'd try something new... Coconut Dream is (as almond milk is) low in fat & easy to digest as it is naturally lactose free. It is also enriched with calcium and vitamins D2 & B12. Coconut Dream is the perfect choice …

Pearly Whites – go one shade lighter in a week! Colgate MaxWhite ONE 75ml

Being a regular coffee and red wine drinker I have started to think about possible staining building up on my teeth but don't use anything other than my regular Colgate Total toothpaste. One afternoon doing my weekly food shop this caught my eye as it was on offer. It promises: One shade whiter in one …

Omega-3 Beauty Benefits

The best kept beauty secrets (though there are many magical potions) may not only be found at the cosmetic counter. When it comes to healthy hair and skin, you should also be perusing the supermarket and supplement aisles.Oily fish, nuts and leafy green vegetables are high in fatty acids and protein, both crucial nutrients needed …

Winter Superfood’s – Immune Boosting Ingredients

It's that time of year when our immune system is at it lowest, perhaps eating a different diet consisting of comfort foods and not seeing as much daylight traveling to and from work in the dark. Instead of reaching for a big bowl of carbs to keep up energy levels opt to add these ingredients …

Lip Therapy

The original Vaseline® petroleum jelly has been around for 140, we are all familiar with this skin heeling/beauty regime multi-use product. Famously Marilyn Monroe used to layer it on her face to keep wrinkles at bay, today makeup artists use it for a dewy look under makeup. My Nan Gladys was a very glamorous lady …

Figure Friendly Snack

NBF* "Figure Friendly" Snack...*new best friendLicorice you either Love it or Hate it, here are some facts you probably didn't know...Licorice contains an active ingredientcalled Glycyrrhetinic Acid, this has been shown to helpreduce body fat mass and reduce appetite.Licorice is a powerful antiviralthat contains 10 Antioxidants.If you are going to snack on this sweet treat make sure it …

Spring Health Boost

Evening Primrose Oil...Kick start your healthy "step in to spring" detox with an old favourite. Evening Primrose Oil has more benefits than you may of realised. The obvious; it's wonderful aid to premenstrual syndrome, eradicating swollen abdomen's, breast discomfort and irritability & depression ( hallelujah i hear my husband sigh)It's support to relieve Eczema and other skin conditions, relieving itchiness. …


Watercress Superfood...Did you know that watercress gram for gram has a better sourceof vitamins C, B1, B6, K, E, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc than other fruit or vegetables!Only broccoli has more vitamin C and Magnesium but it is most often cooked and is lost. Watercress contains more than 4 times the amount of other "wonder foods"Contains all …

Pomegreat 100% Natural Pomegranate Juice

Pomegreat!Pomegreat have a natural 100% juice with no concentrate, has amazing health benefits due to the super high antioxidant levels which are 3 times greater than red wine or green tea.Fact that it reduces blood pressure, however recent studies have shown a reduction abdominal fat.The taste? is kinda well ..... lets say's a little pricey …

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