Spring Health Boost

Evening Primrose Oil…
Kick start your healthy “step in to spring” detox with an old favourite. Evening Primrose Oil has more benefits than you may of realised.
 The obvious; it’s wonderful aid to premenstrual syndrome, eradicating swollen abdomen’s, breast discomfort and irritability & depression ( hallelujah i hear my husband sigh)
It’s support to relieve Eczema and other skin conditions, relieving itchiness. And generally helps to maintain
 healthy skin.
The not so obvious; it’s lending hand to post-drinking,
 it aids withdrawal making it easier and reduces post-drinking depression. Great if you have decided to lay off the booze to achieve optimum wellness
 (my body is a temple blah blah blah)
Take 3-6 500mg capsules a day and see if you can feel and see the difference!

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