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While we’ve been in Lockdown in the UK my husband and I have been getting stuff done around the house. Mostly taking on DIY jobs ourselves giving area’s of our home a much needed face lift and always keeping within a budget. We recently changed our Kitchen Sink (yes I got a new kitchen sink in lockdown haha) we opted for a white ceramic sink and gold taps to replace our tired cheap 11 yr old stainless steel sink and chrome taps. Here’s the finished result – I’m so so happy with it – Well done Tan for fitting it and plumbing in the taps, here it is…632B00B2-2132-4E8E-8E89-36C582B7565ESo on to the under sink cupboards – if you are anything like me your cupboards start off tidy and then end up a mess with random items that do not belong there. I decided to look for a solution to organise my under sink storage better and found the Addis Under Sink Storage.IMG_5018It’s an extendable shelf unit that has 10 adjustable shelves that cleverly fit around your sink waste pipes creating 2 shelves to store all your cleaning essentials. It expands to just over 81cm wide, at it’s smallest it’s just over 46cm. It’s so easy to put together *My Tip erect and screw it together around the waste. No tools needed just tighten screws/caps with your fingers. Adjust the little shelves that slide up and down or click on and off to fit perfectly around your waste.IMG_5017I also bought these little baskets from poundland to store cleaning accessories on the bottom of my cupboard:

Purple basket – micro fibre cloths

Blue basket – Brillo pads, Kettle de-scaler, Astonish Cup clean, Dr Beckmann Glowhite, scrubbing brush, shoe polish brush

Pink basket – Double sided sponges, Dishmatic sponge refills, Floor Wipes, Pledge Dusting Cloths

Then I’ve added my most used cleaning products, also out of shot is furniture polish I use all around the house like mirrors, glass, tiles, taps etc, Jiff Cream cleaner and carpet cleaner/refresh for our rug. I’ve also added a bin to the left.  It’s actually a clear 40 ltr storage box with a grey lid and fits perfectly. (sure beats the unsightly black bin liner we’ve had hanging off a door handle at the other end of the unit)

IMG_5016My fairy liquid and dishwasher detergent are at the front as they are most used. I’ve also used the little space next to them to store our dustpan and brush – for now! Just while we are in the middle of DIY projects and need it to hand. Ideally I need to find a new place for it, hanging if possible. IMG_5015

I’m really happy with it after years of having an untidy under sink cupboard I’ve finally got it organised and can see what I’ve got and use them all up.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this review and it’s inspired you to sort out your cleaning products cupboard, don’t even get me started on the kitchen junk drawer!

Secondblonde x

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