EIMI Dry Shampoo is the BEST Dry Shampoo on the market, Yes REALLY!!

Wella have recently launched an exciting new product line like no other they’ve launched before. EIMI enables you to mix things up and get individual results!

The packaging is modern and fresh with cool names that are self explainitrty, each product is cleverly grouped under which finish you want and level of hold so it’s so easy to pick out what you need! 

Here are the groups: Volume, Smooth, Texture, Shine, Fixing (hairsprays) On each product there are 4 little circles at the the top, the coloured in circle indicate the level of hold 1 being less and 4 being most, it’s that easy.

So I’m testing EIMI DRY ME a level 1 hold dry shampoo which obsorbs unwanted oil and adds a little va va voom in a matte finish. You simply shake me, spray me, style me, use it on dry hair and brush through.

The results: I love this, I repeat I LOVE this, I’ve tried many a dry shampoo and always hate the gritty residue it leaves behind making my hair feel dirty which kinda defeats the object. But this product just get’s it spot on! It soaks up oily roots and adds a bit of volume to my lank flyaway hair, it smells slightly fruity or floral-ish without being offensive (like some drugstore brands) and most importantly leaves my hair feeling clean/fresh which I’m able to swoosh about!!! Not that of hair that look’s all dull and gritty like I’ve been on a building site. And the pastel colours look pretty on my dressingtable. My husband likes to use it to add a bit of lift to his quiff.

I’m giving this product a big FAT YES! I can’t wait to try some of the others in the range, I’ve heard that the PERFECT ME lightweight BB Lotion is amazing!

Have you tried any of the EIMI range from Wella yet? 

secondblonde x


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