Spoilt Rotten Christmas 2011

Sharing moments together on Christmas morning in our pj’s opening each others gifts whilst eating smoked salmon and fluffy scrambled eggs, decided to give the bubbles a miss and opted for fresh ground smooth coffee.
Perfect setting, the tree glistening in the morning daylight and Christmas songs playing softly in the background, Tan is so excited for me to open my special gifts, he is almost bursting. First I open the smaller box of the two, it’s my signature scent that I long ran out of…I’m so happy and relaxed with the comforting smell.

Now for the finale the bigger box, wrapped so lovingly in red foil paper with a wide gold ribbon and an over sized shiny red bow.
Encouraged to open it slowly the weight and size of the box is becoming a slight giveaway and I realise I may have an idea what’s inside.
 WOW I can’t believe it a white box with the un-mistakable apple logo, it’s an ipad 2! I sequel with joy and we hug and giggle on the sofa. Excited to get in the box and discover the world of the iconic apple.
Thank you to my lovely husband, it may seem like just another gadget to some but knowing Tan as I do I know alot of thought went into these gifts.
secondblonde x

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