Philip Kingsley Hair Care

Philip Kingsley with clinics in London and New york with a client list from stars to royalty – politicians, the Trichologist genius is widely recognised as a leader in his subject.
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Treatment
 is the best I’ve ever tested;
Apply  Elasticizer £26 to wet dirty (un-brushed) hair (no shampoo) from mid lengths to ends gently massaging in to the hair shaft with your thumbs as you go down each section of hair.
Clip hair up & pop on a shower cap if you have one! (next time you stay in a hotel you know what to pop in your purse)
Leave for 20 Min’s (can work in 10)
Rinse thoroughly
Shampoo with a Philip Kingsley shampoo which suits your hair type I use:
Body Building Shampoo £15
Condition with a Philip Kingsley conditioner which suits your hair type I use:
Moisture Balancing Conditioner £18
Results: Clean, soft yet managable hair with a noticeable bounce and unbelievable shine!
Whenever I treat my hair to Elasticizer I receive endless compliments on the condition of my hair, especially as I am blonde, blonde hair normally doesn’t reflect light,
well…mine certainly does!
For more information go to;
To purchase or get advice and touch and feels the products;
What you waiting for? go get some and bring the life
back to your hair!

Secondblonde x

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  1. I love Elasticizer, I always take it on holiday too and use it during the day, when it comes to washing and blow drying my hair at night it's always so soft and shiny. Great review thanks for sharing.

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