Gosh – Nail Art Glitter Pots

I read about this recently and thought I’d give it it go,
can’t be that hard right??
They come in array of colours was very tempting but thought seeing as my skill is near zero should start of simple so went for a little pot of glistening gold.
superdrug sell them at £2.99
So here is how I went about
my DIY nail job:
  • give nails a quick file
  • coat of Fill the Gap base coat – Essie (perfectly smooth blank canvas to work on)
  • paint tips with top coat – seche vite
  • dip finger tip in little pot of glitter – Gosh
  • dust of excess with a quick blow
  • top coat over whole nail-seche vite
Nail Art News just re tweeted this pic on twitter and another follower who I know has had a  Sophy Robson Manicure just asked me if I can do hers!?!!?? Crazy non!
 All the same I am very chuffed with the result.
Next time I think I will try a deep red on the whole nail, maybe Essie’s Berry Hard and attempt a gold glitter half moon base…wish me luck!!!
Secondblonde x

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