Dr Sebagh Serum Repair, could it be magic?

Serum Repair is one of Dr. Sebagh’s award winning products. It is an intensive collagen and hyaluronic serum promising radiant skin, tightening, brightening and plumping. Which means it also promises to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Also adds vitality to dull skin and is great to use around the eyes for an instant lifting effect.

20130623-095734.jpg It can be applied to the whole face under your regular moisturiser. I prefer to use for my eye area and laughter line area because once applied you can really feel the tightening of the skin, and I don’t like that feeling all over, although it wears off after a while.

20130623-100228.jpg It’s a clear odorless serum that feels light like slippery water. The pipette makes application easy ensuring you don’t apply too much, it feels luxurious and as it dries you really feel your skin tightening and can really see a difference in the appearance. I did I the husband test with my eye area, he said “wow” so there you go, a noticeable difference.

20130623-100555.jpg I’m not sure if I’ve noticed my skin looking more radiant when I have applied to my full face, but it certainly does plump and tighten the skin making it smooth and appear younger! Being in my late thirties fine lines, crows feet and laughter lines is something that I am starting to think about in my skin care routine.

20130623-195911.jpg My overall summary is that this is an amazing product that really shows instant results, very pricey at £69 a pop, but you will see results. I think I will use mine sparingly on special occasions, that way it will go the distance.

20130623-200923.jpg Take a look at the wonderful world of Dr Sebagh Here

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