Crazy Color by Renbow

This semi permanent conditioning colour has been used by the pros for many years. The up-side is that it washes out, the down-side is that it must go on
 light blonde hair base
 (not appropriate for all)
The colour’s available are pretty intense and will certainly get you attention, over the years they have added some pretty cool pastel shades too.
I normally tone my hair (well my colourist does) in cool shades using Wella, however since my hair is longer at the moment I’ve opted for
 Crazy Color as I feel it’s less damaging.
 I normally get this applied in the salon.
 Here’s how to do it at home:
I am using the colour “Violette”
The before Picture!
You will NEED gloves, bowl, colouring brush,comb
 plastic cap / clips and an old towel!
Wash your hair and towel dry
Pour a sufficient amount into the bowl
(wearing gloves & have hair clip/cap ready)
Take small sections of hair
 Paint the colour on using the brush
Comb the colour through til it froths
Pin your hair up
Place cap on
Leave between 15-30 mins
 depending on the porosity of your hair
Rinse out (WEAR GLOVES)
rinse, rinse, rinse
Then style/dry and voila! 
Because I wash my hair everyday the shade I chose is intense and much darker than desired,
 however after a few washes it will be perfect!
After two washes
A tree in my garden was inspiring Lol
The Final Result:
Faded pretty pastel dip dye
Happy Colouring!
Secondblonde x

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