Kelly’s Mediterranean Hair Mask


Back to basics with my simple homemade

 but pleasingly effective treatment for

dry weathered hair, 

sitting in a kitchen cupboard near you

OLIVE OIL, Warm olive oil in a small container over hot water, then massage a tablespoon into the scalp for about two to three minutes

 (this will also help lift a flaky scalp)

 do not add water, next comb through the hair using a wide toothed comb.

Wrap it in a warm towel for thirty minutes  (leave all night for extremely dry teasels) and then shampoo, first shampoo without water, then rinse and shampoo again and condition hair as normal.

And the results?
 Bouncy Shiny Luscious hair that’s manageable,
 does anyone really have to spend lots of money on products such as MOROCCANOIL® when we are all watching the pennies? I think not.
I shall leave it up to you to decide,
 try it you might like it!
 Love to hear your personal results.
Kelly x

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