Homemade toffee apples…
8 apples
400g caster sugar
4 tables spoons golden syrup
1teaspoon of vinegar
100ml water

Dip the apples in boiling water to remove any waxy finish
Dry the apples
Remove stalks
Push in sticks

Heat the caster sugar and water for 5min until smooth
Add in the golden syrup and vinegar

Leave to boil for around 5 – 8 mins (bubbles will appear, don’t panic, don’t stir)

To test when ready pour a small amount into cold water, if it is ready it will harden straight away, and you will be able to break the toffee, if it’s soft continue to boil
Immerse each apple individually taking care to cover the entire apple using the stick
Stand aside on parchment paper to cool and harden

Wrap in cellophane tie with string or ribbon, I like raffia..and voila really pretty looking delicious treats which are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

My dad said he remembered a lady in his street making them when he was a small boy and handing them out to all the kids! It was a real treat all those years ago!


Dad’s Sunday Afternoon Cocktail

Dad made this cocktail one Sunday afternoon which we’ve now
enjoyed on a couple of occasions. It’s really easy to make and inexpensive
but oh so refreshingly fruity and light!

Here’s how…

Sparkling Rosé around £10
Passion fruit

Take 1 passion fruit, scoop out the flesh into a sieve over a glass
Press through the sieve until you have juice in the glass
Place the juice in the fridge along with your serving glasses
for up to 1 hour

Take the glasses out of the fridge
Fill 3/4 of each glass with the sparkling rosé
Add 10ml (2 teaspoons) of Cointreau
Add 5ml (1 teaspoon) of the chilled passion fruit juice

Creates a gentle fizz…your ready to go, Enjoy!

We’ve nick named it The Burley Cocktail

Secondblonde x

My Big Sis 40th Birthday Celebrations

Terri jane turned 40 earlier this week,
 we celebrated the occasion at Mum and Dad’s 
With drinks to start  Dad’s new speciality – The Burley Cocktail
a delicious arrangement of fizz with a few teaspoon of freshly squeezed passion fruit.
Terri jane with Danielle and Charlotte – Mum with Tan
Terri jane was radiant and the kids looked so grown up in their smart coats and pretty dresses. One by one TJ opened her presents and cards enjoying every moment, while Charlotte happily sipped on Dad’s beer! or as they call him “pop” like we did with our grandad.  TJ loved her presents including the white gold bracelet I had picked out from me and Tan. 
The Burley Cocktail 
Much to Danielle and Charlotte’s surprise I had got them a little present each to open, Disney hair brush sets with hair bands and necklaces, their faces lit up like fairy lights brushing each others hair with no hesitation, must be a female instinct.  Danielle proudly wearing the beaded necklace with snow white hanging on a heart shaped locket.
Dinner was served, Mum did an amazing job as always,
 I helped dish up and serve.  Chicken baked in white sauce, crispy roast potatoes in goose fat, cauliflower cheese, roasted parsnips  and carrots, green beans, brussels and sweet corn. It was deeelicious.

Mum, Me, Terrijane, Danielle and Charlotte
After dinner straight to the sofa’s to relax and play a game, basically it would of been even funnier if we were all drunk, it involves playing cards and wrapped up presents. Long story short at the end of the game the presents you have won you have to open and wear.  As you may image the presents are filled with joke comedy glasses, nipple tassel’s, whips, wigs, thongs and masks – I will leave to your imagination
 we did have a laugh, even Justin joined in. 

Terrijane and Dad

Me and Tan

Me, Tan, Charlotte, Justin, Terrijane, Mum and Danielle

Charlotte, Danielle and Terri jane  
Next is afters, we end up gathering in  the kitchen talking and eating apple crumble and ice cream, passion fruit/chocolate brule with music playing and the kids singing and twirling like ballerina’s.
Then it’s tea and Cupcakes, no room left for me but somehow
 the kids had plenty!
Charlotte and Danielle
Tick tock tick tock it’s getting late and time to go home…
Happy 40th Birthday Terri jane!