End of month Pay Day Wish List September 2015


I got paid today, hurray!! Here’s a few of my beauty and fashion wish list. A fashion staple bomber jacket with faux fur lining from Topshop to keep you warm. (may just go and get this today) A magic in a bottle primer from the amazing hourglass makeup brand. A new semi matte lipstick from Nars, a change from my Mac. A new fragrance in the house with Diptyque keeping those summer nights in Turkey alive. A cute index finger ring (it’s very dainty) Cool fashion forward platform boots to dress up or dress down by Acne Studios. Some of these are within my reach and some may have to just stay on my lust list for now.

I’ve added some links for more info and where you can buy, from left to right:

Topshop Faux Fur Lined MA1 Bomber Jacket £65 here.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer £52 here.

Nars Jungle Red Lipsick £20 here.

Tai Jewelry Rose Gold Evil Eye Ring £28 here.

Diptyque Jasmine Scented Candle £40 here.

Acne Studios Elongated Platform Boot Orbit Black £440 here.

What’s on your pay day wish or lust list this month?

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Review: Nivea 3-1 sensitive caring micellar water

photo (2)

If you read my post’s or follow me on instagram you will already know I love to use Nivea essentials alongside my higher end beauty products. Sometimes you don’t need to spend a small fortune to get good quality and great results. I’d just finished a bottle of Micellar water so thought I’d try our Nivea’s latest edition to their sensitive caring range.

The packaging is the new taller bottle with an easy to to open flip lid which is great when you are rushing preventing spills. The label on the front has been updated with cute air bubbles drawn on which must be a reaction to the instagram culture and our obsession to photograph everything!

The product: It’s a 3-1 cleanser for face and eyes for sensitive skin containing dexpanthenol and grape seed oil. Use on cotton wool to remove make-up and dirt without rubbing and moisturises and helps to reduce the signs of sensitive skin: redness, tightness, dryness.

Summary: My skin had been feeling super sensitive with red/dry itchy patches but on first application of this cleansing water I cannot believe the positive effect it’s had on my skin! It’s looking calm, a lot less itchy and no where need as red and angry. I do still double cleanse in the morning using a creamy cleanser which I flannel off, then sweep over with this as my second cleanse. At night I’m a little lazy so rely on this doing he full job which I do twice.

Verdict: This is brilliant stuff! I haven’t tried it on stubborn waterproof mascara yet (i’m a big fan of Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover read here) but it’s great for removing my daily work wear make-up. I am really pleased with it’s performance and will definitely re-purchase and at only £3.69 it’s a bargin.

Buy your’s from Boots

What have you tried from the Nivea Sensitive Caring range?

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Big News This Week on Secondblonde

Today I decided it’s time to give secondblonde the credit it deserves and registered my own domain name! Whoop whoop exciting times ahead!

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Review: Úna Brennan Rose hydrate calming creamy cleanser 

Having heard good things about this product line I thought I’d give this cleanser a try. I love a rose smelling product and the words calming and creamy jumped right out at me, oh it sounds and smells perfect…

The formular is deliciously rich and creamy the rose scent is not overpowering I couldn’t wait to start using it. I always use the hot cloth method when I cleanse (thanks Sali Hughes for teaching me this) annoyingly after a few days I noticed my skin around my jawline was rough and itchy and my checks were red and angry and very itchy! I do have sensitive skin so I wasn’t 100% sure this cleanser had caused it. I stopped using it immediately and switched to a basic non-perfume routine for 3 weeks. 

Last night I used this Úna Brennan cleanser again just to see and boom! today my cheeks are itchy and red with dry patches. 

To conclude this cleanser is a lovely product I wish I could use however it just doesn’t agree with my skin type.

Have any of you guys used any products from this facialist line?

Secondblonde x


Review: Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream (Radiant Skin range)

It’s Potent Eye Cream has received mixed reviews so I thought I’d give it a go as this sample had come free with another purchase at Boots earlier in the summer months…photo 1 (1)

photo 3

The packaging is cute with attention to detail as you’d expect with benefit, the box has both matt and gloss textures and the glass jar has beautiful detail. Mine is a sample size so has a plastic lid however, the full size jar has a cork lid.

On to the product…I tried it out a few times at the start of the summer months and then again this week now the weather is cooler.

The consistency is that of a cream but pleasingly feels more like a serum on the skin. It’s light non-greasy and soaks straight in and feels quite cooling which is great to wake up morning puffy looking eyes. This product is hydrating and very light so perfect for the summer months. If I’m honest I did not notice any change to dark circles which was rather disappointing considering the tag line claims “brightening eye cream to fade dark circles”

All in all this is a nice refreshing eye cream suitable (in my opinion) to skin in it’s early twenties that doesn’t have any fine lines or crepiness yet.

Have you used any of benefit’s Radiant Skincare? did the brightening effect work for you? I would love to hear your feeedback about new products.

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Review: original source raspberry and cocoa shower 

Do you remember when Original Source first hit our shelves with their Mint, Lemon or Lime shower gels? I was a teenager back then and thought they were the best thing ever!

Today it’s not my usual choice to shower with but this caught my eye on the supermarket shelf, one sniff and it was in my trolley! 


The packaging is pretty much the same clean lines, clear labeling with a funky edge. So let’s get to the most important the scent… It smells of just what it says if does: raspberry and chocolate, mmmm smells good enough to eat! 

The gel is a bright raspberry colour on your skin which in my opinion isn’t the most attractive looking. When I squeeze out a swirl on my sponge it reminds me of a Swiss roll cake! 

The formular is vegan and does it’s job of cleansing your skin really well with lots of foam leaving your skin squeaky clean and fresh. I prefer a luxurious feeling creamy cleanser with less foam that leaves your skin feeling hydrated.

The scent of this sweet seductive shower gel is most definitely it’s selling point. It’s tempting to try out all others in the range specially with such a low price point however, I’ve decided that it doesn’t really suit my skins needs. 

I picked mine up with my weekly food shop, they are always on offer in supermarkets or drugstores. You can purchase here

Have you tried any of the intense new versions? I’ve just read that they have a new all-in-one moisturising shower gel on offer.

Secondblonde x  

My Make-Up Bag Staples

Being a bit of beauty junkie I like to try out new products however, there’s a few products that live in my make-up bag all year round that I use on a daily basis that have become my staples.

1. Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo Matte

2. Mascara: Eyeko Fat Brush or Benefit They’re Real

3. Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in medium

4. Brows: Barry m brow kit or Benefit Brow Zings

5. Tinted Moisturiser: Nivea BB cream in light

6. High Lighter: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

7. Cuticle Care: OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go

What are your “go to” products? I’d love to hear about them.

Secondblonde x 


6 Minute Daily Face 

Your morning face routine should be just that, a routine like brushing your teeth! We all tend to think “I don’t have time” well make the time. I’m talking about 6 mins of fuss free care that will make a BIG difference to your skins appearance and feel now and long term.

1. Cleanse with a “non-foaming” cleanser. Any good quality cleanser will do the job. The crucial part is using the hot cloth method (not cotton wool) Use an old fashioned face flannel drenched in warm/hot water. Use circular movements to remove your cleanser, the flannel will also give you a light exfoliation. 

2. Apply a facial serum, preferably one with hyaluronic acid if you can. *I love Dr Sebagh Serum Repair, get your from Liberty Beauty Hall London here £69

3. Moisturise with a CC or BB cream in your exact skin tone or slightly darker it must have an SPF, the tint will even your skin and illuminate for a glow. *I love Nivea BB 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturiser Light get yours from Boots here £5.99

4. If needed dot on concealer under eyes and on any blemishes.

5. Finish with a nice even glossy coat of black mascara on your lashes, fill in sparse areas of your brows with gel/powder and complete with your favourite lipstick or lipgloss. 

Ta dah! You’re good to go! 

Secondblonde x 

My Signature Treatment Facial by Face Place at The Rosewood London

 I was very lucky to be invited to enjoy a treatment at Face Place L.A’s most sought after facial which has just landed in London at The Rosewood Hotel Sense Spa. I arrived on a Monday morning in May (not my typical start to the week) meeting a friend there who’s slot was booked in just before mine.
  On arrival I was shown to the relaxing Sense Spa which is a zen like theme all cosy with dim lighting, bamboo walls, luxurious loungers with fluffy white towels and blankets, a reading light, soft relaxing background music (not elevator like at all) ample magazines and jugs of cucumber infused water. A real getaway from London life. Once I slipped off my shoes and relaxed back into the bed while I awaited my appointment I knew I was in for a treat…
  My friend appeared shortly post her treatment looking somewhat warm and fuzzy, relaxed with glowy skin! 

Now it was my turn, my therapist Rowan come to collect me. She’s very warm and welcoming, very knowledgable and I know how this sounds – she’s great with her hands!

She explained what the signature facial is and how it works and asked me some questions about my current skin care, tucking me in to some luxurious silky covers she got to work!

The facial lasts for 1hour 15mins, a warm towel was placed behind my neck, cleansing begins and a little hoover that sucks all the dead skin cells, and then the extractions!!! Wow she is good and it’s all painlessly performed to perfection. Rowan explained she was layering Yukka Root infused warm cloths and applies a face mask, when I say mask I don’t mean a cream I mean a leather cone which acts like a mini sauna for 10 mins. Followed by some misting and luxurious face creams then more layering of warm cloths which makes you feel a bit mummified but getting you ready for the galvanic current treatment.

Another mask is placed round your head, this time it’s “the” Galvanic Mask it looks a little strange, it’s brown leather with wires hanging from it, however Rowan gently talks you through each step. The mask is on for about 15mins to let the galvanic current do it’s thing, Rowan changed the bed position so your legs are elevated to ensure blood flow to your head. I relax close my eyes and enjoy while Rowan gave me an arm and hand massage, this is bliss! After removing the mask and wraps Rowan finishes with some more creams and on-going advice with a skin care prescription.
  The results…when I sat up and Rowan handed me the mirror and I cannot believe the results, I actually say out loud oh wow! Firstly I look about 12! So young fresh faced, plump, bright and glowy and in no hurry to apply make up! Rowan is really pleased with the results too and cannot believe I’m turning 40 this month.

I cannot recommend this treatment enough, it’s a “it really works” and you see instant results experience.

Face Place Signature Treatment delivers on it’s promise and in my case resulting in younger looking skin, tighter pores, this collagen boosting treatment worked for me. Apparently it gets even better each time you visit.

I really enjoyed every moment and in such a beautiful location it felt extra special. We finished off our session with a delicious light brunch at the hotels Holborn Delicatessen before heading off home to get on with my Monday day off housework tasks! Oh well it was good while it lasted.
 To book your Face Place Signature Treatment and find out more info here £130

Has anyone else experienced this amazing facial?

Secondblonde x

Dr Sebagh Magic Soothing Rose de Vie Serum Délicat 30ml



IMG_9329.PNGThe Promise:
A silky serum which leaves a protective film to restore the skins suppleness, contains organic rose hip oil, anti ageing and anti oxident ingredients to reduce redness, protect and smooth the skin.

My Verdict:
Ok I get it that’s it’s a very luxurious product which comes in a glass bottle with a pipette applicator which I really love and looks great on my dressing table but what’s with all the packaging? It’s comes in a pretty soft pink cardboard sleeve over the top of a two part sturdy glossy white box. It all looks beautiful but so unnecessary as it’s going straight in my recycle box.

On to the product, this light non-greasy serum is truly magical it’s no wonder it has gained a few celebrity fans and is a hit amongst the beauty journalists. It’s really really good at calming and moisturising irritable skin. I often have little flare ups of red itchy skin, when I massage in a few drops of this amazing potion my skin is immediately calm and hydrated like magic!

It can be applied morning and night however I tend to use it for emergency skin flare up’s due to the fact it’s quite pricey, although you do get what you pay for and in this case it delivers on all expectations.

It’s so light it can be applied under your moisturiser and make-up without any oily residue, actually it helps your make-up look fresher and stay put for longer. The smell….oh my it’s sooooo lovely, soft and pretty it reminds me of real traditional rose Turkish delight, it’s very delicate and calming. Those who aren’t fans of “rose” smelling products I’m pretty sure your’ll fall in love with this one. My skin is calm with no inflammations or itchy patches and very supple. It also works well when you add a few drops to your moisturiser.

It is a splurge at £129 here but I will say it’s worth every penny! Mine will last a year as I only use when I feel my skin needs it, I simply love it!

Have you tried any of Dr Sebagh’s award winning products? Would love to hear about them.

Secondblonde x