Hair Bible

Hair Myths Explained...OK a hairdresser I am not, however spending 20 years in the industry  and married to a colour specialist I think I have a few tips up my sleeve worthy of passing on.Q: Cutting your hair makes it stronger / grows faster ?A: Neither is true, although hair should be regularly trimmed to prevent damaged dry …


Smokin' HotEssie do it again.... This stone cold fox gray tone is a must, it is super shiny and oh! so sexy for day and night.Depending on the light the colour is a dark purple tone gray which really does remind me of thick smoke. I plan to ask my wonderfully talented manicurist Yoko @ Hari's London SW3 to make a bespoke gel nail in gelish …

Soap and Glory

 Face Soap & ClarityWow! Have been using this 3-in-1-daily detox by the wonderful Soap and Glory for a 3 weeks now and what a difference it has made. My skin is definitely brighter and feels stroke-ably soft and silky. Normally during the winter months I am prone to little dry patches but not since I have been using this astonishing face wash.Soap …


Watercress Superfood...Did you know that watercress gram for gram has a better sourceof vitamins C, B1, B6, K, E, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc than other fruit or vegetables!Only broccoli has more vitamin C and Magnesium but it is most often cooked and is lost. Watercress contains more than 4 times the amount of other "wonder foods"Contains all …

Soap and Glory

Hand Break?Oooops! Soap & Glory is taking over my life, look what's found it's way intomy Kitchen. That's now 3 rooms in my home that it's sneaked in to. Hand Break duo set really is the most ASTONISHING set EVER!Wash your hand of ithas a dry skin cleansing formula which is soothing and have built-in conditioners.Hand feels …

Pomegreat 100% Natural Pomegranate Juice

Pomegreat!Pomegreat have a natural 100% juice with no concentrate, has amazing health benefits due to the super high antioxidant levels which are 3 times greater than red wine or green tea.Fact that it reduces blood pressure, however recent studies have shown a reduction abdominal fat.The taste? is kinda well ..... lets say's a little pricey …

2011 calling!

Dear diary....It's that time again, a new diary in pocket with clean fresh pages to fill with thoughts promises excitement and appointments!For work i am never without my little black book, my moleskine note book, don't know what it is about those little books, perhaps it's the cult following? for me it's compact neatness, it's …

Soap and Glory

New year new crush?Soap and Glory arrived in my Christmas stocking and i am hooked, this sweet mouth watering scrub is absolutely divine withSMASHED BROWN SUGAR sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains.It is definitely love at first scrub, i think I've found a new addition, what other marvelous products do they have?Visit Soap and GloryOK peeps …

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