Rodial Vit C Brightening Cleansing Pads | Secondblonde

I’ve recently added this step to my morning routine after cleansing and before my serums. I’d like to say I use them daily but the truth is I’m probably using them 3 times a week. I sweep gently across my whole face using both sides then take it down my neck and bust. They may tingle slightly (only for a moment) if you aren’t used to the active acids. They also smell like oranges – so fresh and lovely to use.

The Key benefits:

🍊Vitamin C: brightens and evens skin tone

🍊1% Fruit AHAs: boosts moisture levels in the skin and gently exfoliates

🍊Glycolic and Lactic Acid: retextures and renews skin

🍊0.5% Salicylic Acid: refines pores to reduce and prevent blemishes

I’m Loving the results so far and have had quite a few compliments that my skin is “looking amazing lately” so I’ve also started using the eye and face soufflé in the same range.

Secondblonde x

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