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I’ve started tinting my brows on a regular basis. Lately I’ve noticed some white hairs creeping through – seeing as my brows are already sparse instead of plucking them out I opted to start dying them and I haven’t looked back, here’s why…

It’s so quick, easy and most importantly mess free as this kit doesn’t stain your skin. The kit contains a litte plastic tray to mix up in, an applicator, mascara wand, 5ml tube of colour cream and 10ml liquid activator.

Simply add approx 2cm cream and 5 drops of activator to the plastic dish and mix together well, I use the applicator to do this. Make sure you have cleansed your brow area without any greasy residue. You can use the mascara wand to apply the cream to your brows I prefer to apply with a cotton bud. No need to be too neat as I mentioned earlier it does not stain your skin.Leave on for a min of 2 minutes – I go up to 5 minutes to cover those pesky white ones! Then clean off with a damp cot on wool pad, that’s it you are good to go!

What I love about tinting my brows is that it picks up every single little hair, even ones I didn’t know existed which makes my brows much fuller. It also shows up strays that I hadn’t noticed pre-colouring that need to be removed.

I go for the shade Dark Brown, my brows last  about 5 weeks and there’s at least 12 applications in the box, so at £7.49 (and nearly always on a deal at Superdrug or Boots) it’s cheap as chips but does the best job for DIY groomed glossy looking brows! I finish off with filling in spaces with a wax/powder kit and then brush through a clear brow gel to keep them in place. Ta dah! The result is a much better/stronger brow to frame your features and be less ageing.

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