Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Face Mask

One of the perks of working in the hair/beauty industry is at times I get to try out samples/testers of products. I was given this 12ml tester of Perricone’s Chloro Plasma Mask long before Christmas but only just round to using it. Why did I wait so long….

I LOVE it!

IMG_8325.JPGThe packaging is simple (which I like) the mask itself comes in a frosted glass jar with a matte black lid, it’s in a box which displays the usual “how to use” the ingredients and the benefits.

The promise….
Instant tightening of pores, smoothing of wrinkles and softening of skin texture. Intensely illuminating and revitalizing for a healthy glow and flawless complexion. Deeply purifying and detoxifying for an immediate improvement in skin’s suppleness and smoothness.

IMG_8353.PNGHere’s the science bit…
Chloro Plasma is an anti-aging treatment mask formulated with Plasma technology and Phytonutrient-enriched Microcapsules/Blue Green Algae and Watercress. Abundant in Chlorophyll, these Phytonutrients deliver deep detoxification and purification benefits.
IMG_8336.JPGThe application was a really pleasant experience, I could move it around my face with ease and as I massaged in gently in circular movement the gel to clay texture changes colour to a richer green releasing bursts of Chlorophyll. As it dried it turned to a clay texture but did not feel tight or dry. I would actually say it is the most comfortable mask I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t have a strong smell either.

After 10mins I rinsed off with warm water and a face cloth. My cheeks looked a little pink when I removed the mask but not in a irritated kind of way but in a healthy glowing way.

IMG_8351.JPGThe results…
I’m blown away! This mask is quite pricey however it HAS delivered on ALL of it’s promises. My skin is very smooth and so illuminated it’s almost like glass. My pores are definitely less visible, the wrinkles around my eye area (yes I know well I am turning 40 this year) are smoother and my skin feels so soft and looks flawless. What more do you need from a mask?
This is a winner and I will be using every last scrap of my sample pot. Will I re-purchase?
If I wasn’t on a budget then my answer is a big fat YES!
Purchase Perricone MD Chloro Plasma here £67

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