Dressing Table Tidy – Up cycle ideas

If you’re anything like me your dressing table gets rather cluttered from time to time. That’s until you are in the mood to have a little tidy up and put everything back in some kind of order but still look pretty.

I am a contact lens wearer and have little boxes hanging around containing my supply of 2 weekly wear lenses. I wanted to store them in a way I can grab them easily but didn’t have a trinket box large enough so…I’ve used an “Ice Cream Sundae” glass or you may call it a “knickerbocker Glory” glass! I’ve four of em hanging around in my glass cupboard in my kitchen.

IMG_2738.JPGI think it’s solved my contact lens tidy problem and a good example of simple up cycling things around the house you didn’t think you had a use for!

What have you up cycled on your dressing table?
Secondblonde x