I commute to work on a motorbike everyday – as good as it is to travel without being packed like a sardine on a smelly tube I always have “helmet hair” not a great look!

My hair is fine and blonde which I wear in a sleek one length precision bob with a an asymmetrical fringe.

The helmet lining creates uneven kinks and dents in my hair (even with my balaclarver) I wouldn’t mind if they looked kinda cool, but this is most definitely not the case. I look like a Bananarama throw back!!

My go to hair iron of choice is GHD and a staple in my kit, but I needed something in a lower price point to keep in my locker at work.

I got these Babyliss pro ceramic 230 irons for only £17.99 They take just 30 seconds to heat up, have two levels of heat the max is 230 degrees. Theres a red light indicator to let you know when they are ready. The cord is a swive cord 2 meters long.

I section my hair in three layers starting  from the bottom taking one sections at a time. The plates heat up quite evenly, they glide through my hair effortlessly without snagging leaving my hair smooth, shiny and kink free!

For the price point these Babyliss irons have lived up to my expectation, personally the cord could be a little longer (longer length is available on the next model up) but that aside I’m very happy with them.

If you are looking for pair of hair irons without investing too much cash then these are for you! I got mine from Argos here £17.99

Secondblonde x 


Oribe Hair Care Brings Luxury To Everyone

Session stylist Oribe (pronounced Orbay) brings a little luxury to your home hair care. This product range looks so luxurious in your bathroom and feels/smells luxurious. I haven’t purchased the stunning bottles as of yet but been lucky enough to try out some testers.

Sachets of “Signature” Shampoo and Conditioner and “Beautiful Color” Shampoo and conditioner.

The Signature range is rich, weightless and a high performance cleanser great for every day use. Does not contain any parabens and is colour and keratin treatment safe! It smells so gorgeous I can’t explain it you just have to experience it, and it leaves my hair feeling moisturised but not heavy.

The Beautiful Color range extends the life of your hair colour with high tech ingredients. It moisturises and repairs leaving your hair feeling silky and smooth. A great weekly indulgence that smells devine and looks stunning in the bathroom.

Check out Oribe’s award winning range of hair care here Oribe

Add a little luxury to your hair care regime.

Smooth Operator…

No, not the smoochy classic from Sade!
(now you’re probably humming it in your head if you’re anything like me)
A small handy natural bristle brush to smooth hair until it shines!

This little pocket size trusty Denman is a small cushion brush with natural bristle and single nylon quill. This ‘porcupine effect’ as they call it is brilliant for grooming and conditioning the hair.

THE Mason Pearson is of course the ‘Dom Perignon’ of these of grooming tools, but this brush is perfect for creating smooth looks on a budget, and it will last you forever.

I use mine for smoothing my hair back into a sleek pony!

20130603-005633.jpgThe lightweight, perfectly balanced handle provides good grip and control.
A bargain at £8.09 have a look at the full range here