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I finally got round to trying this serum out after getting it last spring as part of the “Be Well” box by hip and healthy x Liberty. Ren have a vast range of skin and body care, lots of people seem to know them for their products suitable for sensitive skin.

The Promise As part of the Keep Young and Beautiful range it promises to instantly firm and plump skin for dramatically tighter/smoother youthful skin and firm/remodel elastin over a period of time.

On To The Product I really like the pipette as it makes it easier to use correct amount. The serum is a gel like texture and I really love the scent. It’s a soft rose smell (contains rose flower water and rose flower oil) I know not everyone likes rose however it’s very subtle and goes away as soon as it dries.

I’ve been using it daily in the mornings for about two weeks. I apply 3 drops to cleansed skin under my moisturiser. I pat it in gently allowing it to fully obsorb before applying a moisturiser. I did notice that my skin appeared to be smoother and hydrated but didn’t really notice a dramatic instant difference in firmness as it promises. It does contain a matrix of hyaluronans which encourages your elastin to firm and re-model over time.

My Verdict I think that this is an anti-ageing product is perfect for those in their late twenties starting to think about preventing fine lines and keeping young skin youthful. I don’t think it is suitable for the needs of forty somethings like me that quite frankly need all the help we can get!

It did keep my skin hydrated and my makeup sat nicely all day. 

Summary I probably wouldn’t re-purchase this product only because I think it’s not suitable for my age-group. I do think it’s perfect for skin in the twenties and thirties. I will continue to use it but on days when my skin needs a little extra hydration and not a big lift! 

You can take a look at it here £36 and check out what else Ren has to offer in this Keep Young And Beautiful range.

Have you tried any other skincare products from Ren? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Secondblonde x

Rose Water

Rose water has a lot of applications, right form flavoring food to formulation of medicines, aromatherapy and religious purpose in Asia and Europe.

First produced by Muslim chemists in the medieval Islamic world through the distillation of roses, for use in the drinking and perfumery industries.

A natural skin toner, the pleasant smell of rose water gives a relaxing effect, when applied on the face and other skin areas.

20120926-134943.jpg I buy Turkish Rose Water (Güle suyu)

Apply rosewater to your face to tighten pores and prevent wrinkles. it acts as an astringent with anti-inflammatory agents, and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I use it as a gentle facial toner after cleansing to freshen and tone my skin before applying moisturiser.

It can be used as a makeup setting spray. Simply decant into a spray bottle and spritz lightly over your face, setting your makeup and gave you a dewy finish for hours.

It can be used to dabbed onto temples to soothe headaches.

It helps to balance the pH of the skin, controlling both dry and oily skin and can soothe eczema.