Review: bamford rose,camomile,lemon hand and body wash 200ml and body cream 200ml

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For those who haven’t heard of Bamford let me introduce you…

In 2006 Lady Bamford began a clothing and beauty company called Bamford, Bamford is a way of life. The quiet luxury of the Bamford range includes natural bath, body, baby and home products. Bamford is an effortless brand of quality and their beauty products boast a high percentage of organic ingredients, 72% for the body wash and 95% for the body cream. They are Certified by the Soil Association, the highest standard of Organic.

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Rose, Camomile, Lemon Hand and Body Wash 25oml

The packaging is a plastic recyclable bottle in their signature green colour. It has a delicate fragrance which is surprisingly uplifting and invigorating. As you massage you get to experience all the different layers of this beautifuly soft scent. I can smell the moroccan rose, the camomile, the ylang ylang the blackcurrent and the subtle twist of lemon.

As it’s sulphate/parabens free it doesn’t bubble up like a foam party but give’s a luxurious lather which is just enough to satisfy our obsession with our need for foam to feel clean! (which we all know isn’t true, extra ingredients are added to most drugstore cleansers to give the “foam” effect we all crave)

It leaves my skin feeling fresh, very clean and awake, in fact my skin feels great! It feels soft to touch and slightly scented however, it does feel like it needs a moisturiser.

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Rose, Camomile, Lemon Body Cream 200ml

The packaging is a glass recyclable jar in the same green colour which I really like. The texture is deliciously thick like a butter without feeling heavy or greasy. It contains botanical butters and oils such as jojoba, cocoa, shea butter and protective honey.

As I apply it absorbs fairly quickly, it smells the same as the body wash with all the delicate layers of each scent, after a while I feel like I can smell the camomile and subtle lemon the most.

My skin feels so soft and really hydrated with a healthy sheen yet not greasy residue. It feels like I’ve enveloped my skin in pure luxury! And indeed it is, I haven’t used any other body creams which are 95% organic with no artificial colours or fragrance. My skin was hydrated for endless hours. The subtle scent is so nice and has a calming effect on my mind, I can’t get enough of it! I absolutely adore these products and can’t wait to try some of the other’s in the range. I fancy trying the Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint next and the Botanic Sugar Polish.

You can purchase Bamford at Liberty of London Body and Hand Wash £22, Body Cream £35.

Have you tried any of the products from the Bamford range? I would love to hear about them.

Secondblonde x

review: oribe bright blonde shampoo & conditioner for beautiful colour

Being a bottle blonde I like to keep my blonde hair looking bright and sparkly. I use a tonning shampoo and conditoner a couple of times per month to keep my colour looking it’s best. Oribe (pronounced or-bay) if you didn’t already know is a Session Stylist from Miami based in New York, he’s a pretty cool dude you should look him up, anyway on to the products…


Oribe’s Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Colour do exactly what they say they will do. The packaging is their iconic bottles (designed by Versace) and the smell of these violet hue products are of course Oribe’s signature scent “Côte D’azur” which you can buy as a hair perfume aerosol or as an Eau De Parfum to wear on your skin.

This shampoo and conditioner has the same performance as their amazing Beautiful Colour range but with added violet pigments to cancel out yellow or brassy tones to blonde/grey or brunette hair restoring it to it’s most brilliant self. Of course it is free of sulphates, parabens, sodium chloride, gluten and animal testing.

After using theses my hair is instantly hydrated and sparkly bright blonde. I tend to use occasionaly however, you can use as your regular shampoo.conditioner as they contain clever technology that prevents pigmentation build up.

They are luxury hair products on the inside and out which reflect the price point starting from £39, in my opinion they are totally worth it and look stunning in your bathroom or on your dressing table. Just to add they are packaged in beautiful embossed cream boxes which look pretty but not really necessary. Oribe

What have you tried or fallen in love with from Oribe?

REVIEW: eyeko LONDON Fat Brush Mascara – Big & Bold

Eyeko was established in 1999 re-inventing mascara with it’s no waste squeezable tubes. The brands focus is on eyes only, and with Alexa Chung as their creative consultant since 2013 the brand has been going from strength to strength collecting a loyal fan base.

Eyeko are best known for their amazing mascaras and stay put all day liquid liners.

I was given an eyeko mascara tester a while ago “Black Magic Mascara Drama & Curl. It was ok, I’ve been curious about trying out the others on offer so recently decided to get the “Big Fat Brush Mascara big & bold” 

I’m instantly in love with the packaging particulary the squeezey tube. The wand is indeed very FAT and larger than what I’m used to.

It sweeps on my lashes with ease with no clumsiness or gloop just beautiful fibre enhanced keratin conditioned long lashes! I wouldn’t say this is the most amazing mascara I’ve ever tried but it does deposit dense carbon black colour which stay’s put all day without rubbing off around my eyes. The effect on me is long and spidery lash as apposed to thickness or fullness. I like it but personally think it’s more of a daytime wear mascara for me.

The image on the right is before and the image on the left is after 2 coats on the top and 1 coat on the bottom.

I picked mine up at Selfridges, you can buy online eyeko London £15 

Have you tried any of the products of the this iconic brand?

Secondblonde x 


INTENSAE SS14 Dreamy Blue

It’s a Wednesday afternoon I’m on my way to the sorting office to pick up a package. It’s arrived from Germany, filled with excitement I ferry it home on the passenger seat of my car…I think I know what it is!

As soon as I arrive home I tear open the package…ta dah! As suspected I’ve been spoilt rotten by the cool guys at INTENSAE I’m now the proud owner of their brand spanking new SS14 nail lacquer range.

20140226-104557.jpgFrom left to right: Emmeline, Ophelie, Mars, Matt top coat, Crystalline top coat.

20140226-105024.jpgI’m in the mood for a dreamy cool blue, so I opt for Emmeline.

20140226-105144.jpgThe lid is wider than I’m normally used to but actually feels very comfortable to hold and keep a steady hand. Two coats glide on with ease leaving a smooth glass like finish.

20140226-105413.jpgI’m no pro when it comes to painting my nails (it took me 5 minutes to paint two coats) INTENSAE lacquer made it so easy, my nails were touch dry in minutes – I’m so impressed with their performance this certainly is a luxurious brand, you will not be disappointed!

20140226-105807.jpgI finished with the Crystalline top coat to lock in the colour keeping it chip free for 10 days. I should add that the formulars are flexible once dry, so if your nail bends your polish won’t chip off as it will bend with your nail, genius! I can’t wait to try the other shades and the high performance Matt top coat. There are 24 shades (I think) in the full collection and counting!

The science bit:
Cruelty Free: No animal testing.
5 – Free which are: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, parabens, formaldehyde resin.

Founded by cool cats James Samuel and Christian Roman:


Buy your own INTENSAE Nail Lacquer Range online:

Oribe Hair Care Brings Luxury To Everyone

Session stylist Oribe (pronounced Orbay) brings a little luxury to your home hair care. This product range looks so luxurious in your bathroom and feels/smells luxurious. I haven’t purchased the stunning bottles as of yet but been lucky enough to try out some testers.

Sachets of “Signature” Shampoo and Conditioner and “Beautiful Color” Shampoo and conditioner.

The Signature range is rich, weightless and a high performance cleanser great for every day use. Does not contain any parabens and is colour and keratin treatment safe! It smells so gorgeous I can’t explain it you just have to experience it, and it leaves my hair feeling moisturised but not heavy.

The Beautiful Color range extends the life of your hair colour with high tech ingredients. It moisturises and repairs leaving your hair feeling silky and smooth. A great weekly indulgence that smells devine and looks stunning in the bathroom.

Check out Oribe’s award winning range of hair care here Oribe

Add a little luxury to your hair care regime.