Review: Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure (no glue needed)

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I attended a hair event last night and needed to transform my daytime look to evening one as the dress code was Evening Wear I needed polished nails to go with my cocktail dress. I didn’t have time to paint my bare nails so decided to pop into Boots to see what stick on nails they had…I don’t really do fake nails.

I came across these press on nails  in my favourite colour which is timeless and compliments my skin tone. This hue is called “Polished Garnet” I thought they would look nice when sipping my champagne on arrival whilst doing small talk with fellow hairdressy 2

The packaging is cute, a container shaped like a nail polish bottle. What I really liked is that they are pre-glued as I didn’t have too much time to apply them also I wasn’t at home. I applied them in about 5 mins (while drinking a glass a of wine in a bar) waiting for my friend Paul to arrive before going on to the event together.

These press-on nails were very easy to apply, first you select each size then peel off the protective layer revealing a gel like glue, press each one on your nail from the cuticle. It also contains a wipe to clean your natural nails to prepare them for the adhesive to fully stick.

The sizing wasn’t perfect for me but fine for “one night” and quite comfortable. They can be worn for up to 7 days with tips in the instruction booklet to prolong the wear. They are still firmly in place now as I type this following a day of household chores and doing up buttons etc. Personally I find them a bit too long for daily wear but I have to say I’m starting to grow attached to them.

All in all I think these are a great option for one day or night wear if you find yourself in hurry with no time to pain your nails. They certainly did the job complimenting my outfit and looked great all night but most importantly didn’t ping off!!!

You can purchase these elegent touch press-on nails at boots £7.99 or 799 points, I used my points and got them for free!

Have you tried any DIY false nails? I would love to hear your experiences.

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Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer in Neon Pink

It’s day1 inTürkiye at “Azda”our local supermarket while loading our trolley full of wholesome foods and naughty delights I came across a bargain bucket of beauty finds near the tills. What caught my eye were little bottles of bright pops of coloured nail varnish, a brand unknown to me but looked appealing all the same.

And I’m on holiday the rules are different aren’t they?

20140723-175903-64743913.jpg(image taken when I got home)

I couldn’t resist and dropped a neon pink into my trolley knowing it will compliment my tan (once I got one which I intended on asap)

20140723-180212-64932649.jpgGolden Rose nail lacquer cost only 2 Turkish lira (about 57 pence!!!!)

It glided on smooth and even, two coats for the perfect colour. The bottle is a nice shape with the applicator easy to hold/use. The brush is slim and doesn’t overload with polish. It dried quickly with a gloss and I liked the fact it’s slightly sheer. I didn’t have a topcoat with me so am impressed with it’s staying power.

20140723-180447-65087811.jpg(image taken after 9 days wear)

Day 9 and no sign of chipping or fading and that’s with a few chores around our villa and of course days out/nights out/shopping trips and swimming in our pool plus a few long days at the beach! It’s only just started to wear off the tips.

The colour looks even better now my hands are a shade of golden brown. I think I will re-apply when I get back home as my summer hue, this time with a topcoat for extra gloss. My toes have one of my old favourites Essie’s bachelorette bash, but I’m thinking about changing them to my new love for pink neon pronto!

20140723-180908-65348793.jpgI wish I went back for more colours, there was an appealing jade green and a cool cornflower blue…oh well there’s always next time!