Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Shine Lacquer by Soap and Glory

This lip gloss arrived in my “The Next Big Thing” bumper Soap & Glory box set. If you know me you will know that I don’t do lip gloss, I haven’t worn it for yonks! I’m a matte red retro MAC Ruby Woo kinda gal. So I hesitantly tried this lip gloss and was quite surprised….

2015/01/img_3013.jpgHere’s the science bit….
SPECIAL VEGGIE ESTERS which leave a soft, filmy, glass-like shine over lips for enhanced colour adherence

Ultra-moisturising and repairing COLOURBURST™ CRYSTALS with MICRONISED FRESHWATER PEARL POWDER, aragonite crystals, protein complex amino acids and moisturising polysaccharides

in a 3-dimensional network that firms, sculpts and stimulates collagen synthesis.

On first application I didn’t like it at all as it was far from my dramatic red hue and it felt gloppy, it felt like I wanted to rub it off and I was concerned that it made my teeth look yellow!

I decided to give it a decent trial and tried it out for a week and actually really love it! The colour is quite dense which means even when the high shine has dulled down your lips after a few hours of wear you still have an even coat of colour. The “gloopy” texture I’ve gotten used to and doesn’t bother me, it feels quite moisturising.

I don’t find it to be very plumping which doesn’t bother me, though because of its clever ingredients (listed above) it does give the illusion of fullness and your lips look smooth and moisturised.

The colour “charm offensive” is a pretty rose hue which is quite flattering for most skin tones. It’s a nice alternative to my matte red lip days and quite girly. I’m glad I didn’t throw it aside after one application, I’m definitely a lip gloss convert now, I’m reaching into my make-up bag right as I type to slap on a coat before I set off to work.

Get your Soap and Glory Sexy Mother™ Pucker Lip Shin Lacquer here £7 available in 6 wearable/pretty shades.

Have you tried any of the other shades?

MODELco Smart Beauty

Glamour have teamed up with Model Co for some fabulous freebie with their April issue, all FULL SIZES!
Just for £2 you can take your pick between a lip gloss/mascara/eyeliner/lip liner valued between £12-£16

20140316-185707.jpgEndorsed by supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley this product brand is very appealing indeed, plus with it’s no fuss packaging it’s smart beauty.
I went for a Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Berry Pink.

20140316-194115.jpgYour’ll notice something unique about the packaging…A really smart inbuilt mirror for those on the go touch ups, why hasn’t this been done before? It’s so simple and very effective.

20140316-194340.jpgThe wand applicator is a regular size and does the job well.


20140316-194450.jpgThe size is generous in a tall thin bottle great for slim make up bags.

20140316-194637.jpgThe Colour is a soft reflective shimmering gloss that enhances your natural lip Colour and smooths your lips.

20140316-194812.jpgThe consistency is non sticky vas doesn’t get all gloopy after hours of wear. It’s really comfortable to wear and has impressive staying power.

Wearing one thin coat on my natural lips, in two different lights. Not the best pics to show it off but I couldn’t wait to get this post out.

You can also layer this gloss on top of lip stick for an intense look.

20140316-195641.jpgAll in all this is a great product, I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses but this may of tipped the balance, and did I mention it smells of strawberries, cute girly touch I thought!

Would I pay £12 probably not if I’m honest but that’s just me, that said I’m happy for it to be an addition to compliment my summer make up bag.

View Model Co full range here