10 Things I’ve learned now I’m 40! 

  I’ve quite enjoyed being 40 (especially seeing people’s surprised reaction if they ask my age) ironically it was a difficult time as I found myself  jobless 2 weeks before my Birthday back in May which was tuff emotionally and financially however, it gave me an inner strength and has opened new exciting doors… (More about that later) Here’s what I’ve learned as I reflect back on my 30’s:

1.  Alone time is good for you! I can eat lunch in a restaurant or go to see a movie by myself and still have a good time.

2.  Sometimes you have money sometimes you don’t, find happiness regardless of your finances.

3.  Your past shapes you but doesn’t define you!

4.  A marriage doesn’t improve by nagging.

5.  NO ONE! has it all together.

6.  You are never too old to enjoy colouring-in.

7.  The way people treat you is (in most cases) about them NOT YOU!

8.  It takes time to discover passions and strengths.

9.  Everyone doesn’t have to like you.

10. When you admire someone or something they’ve done – tell them! Even if you don’t know them very well, it may mean more to them than you could ever know!

And this goes without saying – be kind always!

Secondblonde x