Poof it up! with Kevin Murphy POWDER.PUFF 14g

2015/04/img_3142.jpgI gave this cute little powder puff a try out the other night when I was going out straight after work and wanted a little root lift in my hair after I took my crash helmet off. (I’ve forever got helmet hair!!!!)

This hair powder is quite different to others on the market as it’s a metamorphosis product – it begins as a powder and turns into a styling product which makes it quite unique. Here’s my review:

The Promise:
Need an instant poof in a jar! A look that is a favourite for “bedroom hair” To create a messy casual volume, gently tap a few shakes on the hair that you want body on, and the powder morphs into a product that holds.

The Science Bit:
Creates Volume, Dry Matte Texture, Weightless, Metamorphosis Product, Apple, Plum, Cranberries and Citrus extracts, Setting lotion encapsulated in a sphere of powder. It’s also 100% cruelty free!

My Verdict:
The packaging is cute and it’s easy to apply so thankfully no sticky mess! The smell is very light and delicate a bit herby, which completely goes away when in your hair which I think is a good thing for this type of product.

Section off your hair at the roots and sprinkle the powder along each section at the roots by tapping the powder puff, it’s that easy tap, tap, tap!
Gently rub into the root area, as you do this the very fine powder (it’s so fine it’s not like a powder its more the texture of lightly sieved icing sugar) turns into a volumising product with guts to give lots of lift. Hair is instantly revitalised and full of volume without looking like you have any product in. Hair still appears smooth and soft, I LOVE it! The only thing I personally don’t like is how my hair feels when I touch it, but hey that’s just me!

This is a genius product and does exactly what it say’s it does and delivers on all of it’s promises. I’ve read a couple reviews of others that found it disappointing but in my opinion those were the ones who’s expectation was that of a dry shampoo and therefore completely missed the unique point of this little gem! I will definitely repurchase this product, get yours here £18

Secondblonde x

Kevin Murphy ANGEL.WASH 250ml

So I won a competition recently via Kevin Murphy’s UK Instagram account. I don’t normally do competitions and therefore never win anything, so you can imagine how excited I was…Eeek!!!!

IMG_8467.JPGThe prize was a generous selection of full size products of some of their best sellers:
angel wash (shampoo)
angel rinse (conditioner)
anti gravity spray (weightless volumiser)
hair resort (beachy hair styling) powder puff (dry shampoo/volumiser)

The packaging design is simple neat and the pastel colours look cute and girly.
IMG_8439.JPGI’ve been using the shampoo and LOVE it! It’s perfect for my fine coloured hair and it smell like sweets! Well it’s actually the combination of tangerine peel and geranium to name just a few of the gorgeous smells you get when applying.

Here’s the science bit:
A delicate recovery shampoo for fine, dry or broken hair. Aloe, Milk Proteins and Olive Esters gently protect the hair in a low foam formulation. Designed to cleanse without stripping your hair. Angelica Root extract and essential oil of Grapefruit gently cleanse stressed out hair and controls frizz on fine, dry hair.

IMG_8584.PNG Although it’s a low foam formulation it lathers up to a satisfactory foam. My hair is hydrated and static free but not weighed down, it’s easy to comb through and my hair colour looks fresh and bright. Hair texture is soft but full of volume and looks healthy and shiny. I will definitely re-purchase this shampoo. Can’t wait to try out the rest of the products.

Has anyone tried any Kevin Murphy products?

Would love to hear your thoughts. You can buy this shampoo here

secondblonde x