Best Budget Cleanser – L’ORÉAL PARiS AGE PERFECT Cleansing Milk 200ml


2015/03/img_8708.jpgAge Perfect is designed for mature skin, but don’t let that put you off as it can be used on anyone!

The Promise:
Skin is perfectly cleansed, looks clearer and feels smoother. The milk leaves your skin soft and comfortable and skin looks fresh and revitalised. Helps reduce signs of fatigue and smooths mature skin and hydrates with moisture.

The Science Bit:
Enriched with Vitamin C and Magnesium Age Perfect Cleansing Milk exfoliates, smooths and re-invigorates the skin. Deeply cleanses gently removing impurities such as pollution and makeup without drying the skin. Also contains Shea Butter.

My Verdict:
I’m not a huge fan of “milk” cleansers they remind me of products my mum would use when I was a kid like ponds cold cream (they were all the rage back then) I’ve surprised myself that I quite liked this cleanser. It smells fresh and slightly florally it glides on in one swoosh on a cotton ball and that’s it! No need to rinse off.

It does the job well removing all the impurities, I use a separate eye makeup remover for stubborn mascara or eye liner.

It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh with absolutely no residue or oiliness, my skin feels so comfortable I could apply my moisturiser straight after. I prefer to use a toner as I like the coolness that seems to wake my skin up in the morning! (Even though I now know from Sali Hughes book Pretty Honest that toners aren’t actually doing anything to the skin, they’re just a personal choice and no more than pretty smelling water)

My skin has been quite clear while using this, it definitely feels comfortable and smooth. Does it reduce signs of fatigue? That I’m not sold on however I do overall like this cleanser and the results of it’s performance have matched up to its promise!

I’ve really enjoyed using this product and find it to be brilliant considering it’s budget price tag! It’s always on offer too at various drugstores or supermarkets. Currently on offer for a mere £2.99 instead of £4.99 here

When Secondblonde met Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo 300ml

I consider myself a lucky girl when I receive products to test. Fudge have been generous enough to send a box of treats for me and my hair team Gro London to try out. So guess which products I’ve got to test…

20140525-135216.jpgFirst up is Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo (right)

This shampoo promises to cleanse and neutralise unwanted yellow/brassy tones in blonde locks, and leave your hair looking glossy. Fudge have re-vamped their packaging, it’s an easy to use tube meaning no wastage and it will look good in any bathroom.

The science bit:
This unique hydrating hair drink complex with guarana repairs, hydrates, protects, restores and strengthens the hair.

The Test:
I’ve used it once so far (you shouldn’t use violet shampoos every time you wash) The Colour is a rich violet much darker than other violet shampoos. It lathers to a satisfying foam, you can leave it on for 3-5 mins, I choose to massage in and rinse immediately as my hair is already a pale blonde.

The smell is delicious! It’s said that it contains sweet vanilla with hints of apple and pear, but to me the smell reminds me of pink bubblegum! it’s so yummy.

The Results:
My hair colour looks fresh and bright, it feels clean with just the right amount of hydration. It’s easy to comb and style and I’m pleased to say hasn’t gone static. My fine hair is prone to feeling overloaded or lank with other “blonde” products as they always tend to be heavy for my hair type, but not this one, it’s absolutely perfect!

The Conclusion:
All in all I really like everything about this shampoo and would be happy to re-purchase. I will definitely use it once a week to keep my blonde tones looking cool.
Click here to get yours!

Can’t wait to try the Fudge Hot Hed Violet Whipped Moisture Crème.

Secondblonde x