Secondblonde’s Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub

IMG_8970.PNGAs a matte lipstick fan my lips tend to dry out and get all yucky and flaky, not a good look! I don’t normally invest in lip scrubs and usually gently wipe my lips with a wet flannel or brush with a soft toothbrush when I remember to.

With a kitchen full of skin care worthy ingredients I decide to make a quick lip scrub. Manuka Honey for it’s natural humectant properties drawing moisture to the skin and of course healing properties. Sweet Almond Oil to create a protective barrier and sugar as an abrasive exfoliant.

# Get a ramekin or small dish and add 1 teaspoon of honey, I use Manuka Honey 12+.

# Stir in 1 teaspoon of Sweet Almond Oil (you can use olive oil if that’s all you have)

# Add 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar, I used white as it’s more refined and gentle on your lips.

# Combine together to make a thick paste.

# Add in 2 drops of edible flavoured oil, I used almond oil you can choose mango, lemon or lime if preferred.

# Decant into a small pot with a lid, the scrub will fill a 7.5g pot perfectly, I used an old eye gel pot washed out.

Ta dah! It’s ready to use!

The texture is satisfyingly thick and the sugar granules perfect for the level of exfoliating my lips need. The colour is rich and the smell is so yummy I just wanna eat it!!! Seriously it’s taken me ages to write this post as I keep opening the lid and taking a whiff every few minutes.

IMG_8971.PNGWhen applied to damp lips it’s gloppy enough to stay put but easy to move around and massage in circular movements.

Technically this is completely edible with a pleasant sweet taste so feel free to lick some off! Personally I like to rinse off with warm water and pat my lips dry and finish with a layer of balm.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and will start using it a couple of times a week to keep my lips soft and smooth.

Have you got any homemade kitchen beauty product recipes that really work?

Secondblonde x



Homemade toffee apples…
8 apples
400g caster sugar
4 tables spoons golden syrup
1teaspoon of vinegar
100ml water

Dip the apples in boiling water to remove any waxy finish
Dry the apples
Remove stalks
Push in sticks

Heat the caster sugar and water for 5min until smooth
Add in the golden syrup and vinegar

Leave to boil for around 5 – 8 mins (bubbles will appear, don’t panic, don’t stir)

To test when ready pour a small amount into cold water, if it is ready it will harden straight away, and you will be able to break the toffee, if it’s soft continue to boil
Immerse each apple individually taking care to cover the entire apple using the stick
Stand aside on parchment paper to cool and harden

Wrap in cellophane tie with string or ribbon, I like raffia..and voila really pretty looking delicious treats which are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

My dad said he remembered a lady in his street making them when he was a small boy and handing them out to all the kids! It was a real treat all those years ago!