Review: Rimmel london, Brow This Way! (brow sculpting kit)


I’ve noticed lately that there are lot’s of brow kits available on the high street within budget beauty brands. Having been a loyal fan of Benefit’s brow kits for years and  more recently trying out Barry M’s version, I decided to test Rimmel’s “cheap as chips” offering.

The Promise : Sculpt the perfect photo-ready, high impact brow! Long lasting formula feels lightweight and comfortable all day long, 2 easy steps – apply wax to shape & fix, then layer powder to set.


I alway’s opt for a dark brown as although my hair is coloured blonde my eyebrows are naturally dark, it is available in a medium brown shade too.

The wax is a good texture and easy to apply (other budget brands have a hard wax making it very difficult to use) The colour of the wax and powder are a perfect match. My brows look defined and it stay’s put for a whole day even through a busy shift at work, I do tend to do a little touch up at lunchtime but that’s just me! I’m really happy with the quality of the wax and powder considering it’s only £3.99

The brush is ok, the slanted end is great for creating a shape and definition with. The longevity of the brush is what I’m not that happy with. Unfortunately it loses it’s shape once you get about half way through the product, it’s bristles start sticking out like an old toothbrush which becomes impossible to create fine natural strokes.


My Verdict: All in all I’m really happy with this product for the price point, I’m still using it daily so that say’s a lot! I would consider purchasing this again however, I just wish you can buy additional brushes, pretty please Rimmel London??

Have you tried this brow kit from Rimmel? or perhaps another high street brand that you think I’d like, would love to hear from you.

Secondbonde x





Brows a Go Go vs Brow Zings


Brows a Go Go £26.50 includes: two shades of Brow Zings powder, 1 Brow Zings wax, smock in’ eye liner, eye bright cream,brow highlighter powder, mini tweezers, Hard angled/Talent brush and step by step lesson.

Brow Zings £22.50 includes: One shade of Brow Zings powder, 1 Brow Zings wax, mini tweezers, Hard angled/Talent brush and step by step lesson.

My trusty old brow kit “Brows a Go Go” changed my brows/life when Brow Expert Jenna Treat introduced me to how to groom, shape at home back in 2006 and I haven’t looked back. This nifty little kit from Benefit with everything you need has lasted me 7 years! only recently it’s the dark brow shadow that’s run out, the rest is still good to go! Having travelled with me wherever I go and been dropped on the floor umpteen times it’s a little messy and dog eared but still functional.20130224-134154.jpg

My 7 year old kit has seen better days!20130224-134914.jpg Brows a Go Go Includes everything you need for your desired look, and the wax keeps me sparse brows in check, ok I know it’s seen better days, time for a replacement, this time I’m down sizing to Brow Zings


20130224-140406.jpgA smaller version with the brow wax and one shade including the same 2 brow brushes, one angled for precision on soft for blending oh and the same cute emergency tweezers. I went for the medium shade powder but wish I’d stuck with the dark shade I’d gotten used too. I love the cardboard packaging of Brows a Go Go with it’s statement retro look, however I think I much prefer the sleek hard case of Brow Zings, it’s compact and looks neat in my makeup bag. Go buy either one of these kits, they are a little pricey but well worth every penny!