Dr Sebagh Eye Primer Lift 15ml

IMG_8578.JPG The Promise:
To instantly lift, tighten and firm the delicate eye area giving a revitalised and noticeably youthful look.

The science bit:
It contains really advanced ingredients too complicated for me to understand (Dr Sebagh is indeed a clever man) however, I will mention it contains hyaluronic acid which will bind water to the skin and fill lines.

My Verdict:
I’ve been using this little bottle of eye contour gel for 2 weeks now. I do find it to be instantly revitalising, it wakes up my eyes prepping them for my make up in the morning. (Which goes over the top nicely without sliding off)

The consistency is gorgeous the gel is easily obsorbed and sinks into my skin after a few moments. A little amount of product seems to go a long way. It keeps my whole eye area moisturised all day and helps smooth out a few fine lines I have *cough cough!! I haven’t noticed any tightening yet but the appearance overall is that of youth! *hallelujah!!!

This luxury eye gel is of the higher price point at £52 a pop but I think it’s worth it for it’s fine line filling abilities alone!

Purchase Dr Sebagh Eye Primer Lift here

Secondblonde x

NIP + FAB DARK CIRCLE FIX – 2 years sleep in a bottle!

I needed a new eye cream but on a budget. I’d been lucky enough to have been sent a Bliss a Triple Oxygen eye gel to try which become my last eye routine until I used it all up. So the search was on…although I’m almost 40 and the wrinkles are starting to kick in my main objective was to find a cream or gel that banished dark circles and made me look fresh and revitalised! I think I’ve found exactly that!

IMG_6504.JPGI’d heard about Nip + Fab before but this was my first ever purchase after reading reviews that it works, oh and it was on offer in Boots from £15.99 to £5.99 or there abouts.

IMG_7047.JPGI posted this photo last week on my instagram saying I’ve been using it for 5 weeks and it really works and much to my delight Maria Hatzistefanis liked it! She’s the founder of the fabulous and luxurious skin care brand Rodial. I later discovered that she is also the founder of Nip + Fab.

IMG_7046.JPGIt promises to target dark circles, reduce the look of puffiness, hydrate and soften and indeed I can honestly say that is exactly what it delivers.

IMG_7048.JPGThe texture is like a serum/cream, 2 small pumps is ample. Patted around the eye area it feels slightly sticky for a second or two then soaks in nicely within 10 seconds without any sticky feel. Once dried I apply my normal tinted moisturiser all over my face. It doesn’t feel like I have anything on my eyes which is what I like about it. The results are amazing! I’ve had so many compliments which I guess is a result of my banished dark circles giving the illusion of fresh youthful eyes, I literally look like I’ve had 2 years of sleep!!!

IMG_7049.JPGNow for the science bit: Working on three different levels, this eye cream works to thoroughly reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. A refreshing eye treatment cream that provides your skin with hydration, actively stimulating the fight against premature ageing.

-Red Algae: Targets dark circles
-Tetra Peptide: Reduces the appearance of puffiness
-Shea Butter: Hydrates and Softens skin

I would definitely repurchase this product again, the other week I’d forgotten to apply it for 2 days – later that night out for dinner my husband said “your under eyes look a bit dark!” So there it is, all the evidence you need to know this does REALLY WORK get yours here

Has anyone tried any other products from NIP + FAB? I’m now curious about the Bee Sting range or the No Needle Fix range.

bliss® triple oxygen instant energizing eye gel

This cooling, hydrating gel formula breathes new life into eyes to deflate puff instantly and fade the appearance of fine lines with spherical soft focus powders.

20130818-213410.jpg I apply it in the mornings patting it around my eye area under my tinted moisturiser. It’s gel formula is easily absorbed and cooling which I like, especially on mornings I am suffering with puffiness due to hay fever. It doesn’t have any perfume which is good. It de-puffs and softens my fine lines, instantly looking like I’ve had 10 hours sleep!


20130818-214208.jpgSo here comes the science bit:

Caffeine: Detoxifies tissue, reducing the appearance of fat deposits and excess fluid that contributes to puffy eyes.

Soft Focus Powders: Blurs skin imperfections by filling in wrinkles and fine lines. Leaves a subtle glow.

Oat Kernel Extract: Immediately firms undereye area and adheres to the skin to continually tense and smooth skin.

Beech Shoot: Preserves elasticity of the skin, hydrates and improves tissue oxygenation and helps prevent wrinkles.

Vitamin C: Fights the aging process by brightening skin discolorations and stimulating collagen.

Regenerative Soy Plant Actives: Boosts oxygen levels to skin, nourishes skin with mineral salts, amino acids and peptides to support natural cell metabolism.

The 15ml bottle costs £42 and should last 3 months or more. It’s not cheap but it does wake up tired eyes!