CHANEL Sublimage Comfort Cleanser 150ml

I’ve been using this luxurious cleanser for 2 weeks. I was lucky to have been given this product as a gift otherwise I wouldn’t spend £69 on a cleanser! I’ve decided to use it up as a daily essential as it’s been at the back of my cupboard “for best” which I’ve used occasionally, but in reality it will just end up going off.

IMG_3106-0.JPGThe packaging is as you would expect for Chanel, the tube is glossy as too is the black lid with the embossed double c branding on the top.
The product is a clear gel cleanser that turns into a light oil as you massage onto dry skin. Noticeably a little goes a long way, the consistency feels very luxurious and the smell is quite fresh. It comes with a Chanel cotton face cloth which you can use moistened with warm water to remove the cleanser, this completes the makeup removal process and lightly exfoliates.

IMG_3107.JPGIt leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh, smooth and hydrated without feeling oily. In fact it feels like you don’t need to moisturise…it feels wonderful!

IMG_3115.JPGI have a masque and exfoliator too, I blogged about the masque read here

I’ve really enjoyed using this and still am using this cleanser and have noticed my skin looks healthier. I won’t be re-purchasing when this is empty simply based on the price tag, however if budget wasn’t a deciding factor I so definitely would darlings!
Lucky for me the tube is huge and you don’t need much, so I will be enjoying this for a while. You can purchase CHANEL Sublimage comfort cleanser here

Secondblonde x

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A luxurious face mask that is devoted to purity and is very relaxing and indulgent.

20140302-164624.jpg The packaging is as expected luxurious and iconic CHANEL.The tube is matt, the lid glossy black with the Chanel logo embossed in white on the top.

This mask is ideal for oily skin, it purifies leaving your skin smooth with a satisfying matt completion. Apply a think layer to your skin avoiding the eye area.

20140302-170200.jpgThe consistency is thick, the smell is very refreshing. It feels tingly when first applied. Lay back in comfy clothes (I’m in my pj’s) relax and take deep breathes, allow your shoulders to hang low and close your eyes. The mask turns from a thick creamy consistency to clay and sets, it doesn’t feel dry but has that funny limited movement feeling which I quite like as it means I can’t speak! Yes me not speaking for a whole 10mins! Bliss.
20140302-170655.jpgIt turns to a chalky white Colour. Now it’s time to remove the mask. Wet your fingers and massage gently. Wash off with warm water, I like to use a soft face cloth. Rinse well and do not rub your skin. Pat your skin dry and ta-dah!! Refreshed radiant skin that is rid of oily areas and feels soft and smooth.

20140302-171845.jpgThe price tag £39 for this mask in my opinion is spot on for its results. It can be used weekly, I like to use it as a once a month beauty indulgent treat rather than a weekly essential.

Secondblonde x