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When styling a bookcase without books it’s ok to display a few of your books, the key is to choose books in the correct colour scheme!

Here’s my tips on how to create your own personalised styled bookshelves:

  1. Empty the shelves of everything! You must start with a clean slate to enable you to see things in a different way to how they have previously been.
  2. Hunt out all your old trinkets and pretty things around your house, stashed in cupboards etc, your’ll be amazed at what you find. You may wish to display mementos or meaningful photo’s in small frames or colourful vases or flowers…basically anything you like to look at.
  3. Sort by colour group books together with same/similar coloured spines.
  4. Create small batches of books which then can be displaying standing up vertical or laying down flat horizontal, the pile of books can be in two’s (like mine) but should be no more than eight. My shelf height is quite small but if you have enough height a small plant or trinket looks great displayed on top of the horizontal pile of books.
  5. Change it up if you have one pile of books standing up then add another pile of books near it laying flat and alternate the way the books are stacked.
  6. Once all the books are shelved – bring out the pretty things slowly start to layer up with your chosen trinkets/candles/ornaments etc placing on shelf space or/and on piles of books. The trick here is that you are creating layers of interest rather than looking at a line of books that are all the same depth.
  7. Stand back to take a look keep tweaking it until it feels right but know when to stop. I like to take a quick photo on my phone, it helps me view it in a different way to see what needs changing.
  8. And you are done! There’s no wrong or right way, it’s all about what is visually pleasing to you, so what are you waiting for, can’t wait to see what yours looks like.

I had a big de-clutter session last week so mine is currently styled with a minimal vibe with very few books/trinkets. This photo shows one half of our wall mounted bookcase from Ikea which sits high above the tv in our living room. These aren’t all my books but just a couple I choose because of colour. The shelf isn’t tall enough for me to have mine vertical. I had a few mini glass bottles hanging around and a little green vase that compliments my little plant. I love candles so hence the two beautiful glass candle jars. My mum has recently starting crafting and has been making tiny ornate chairs out of champagne bottle tops so this was the perfect place to display them.

I will change it up again soon as we get into summer, probably with a bit more on it and perhaps a floral theme.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, it is a little different to my usual beauty reviews.

Secondblonde x



End of month Pay Day Wish List September 2015


I got paid today, hurray!! Here’s a few of my beauty and fashion wish list. A fashion staple bomber jacket with faux fur lining from Topshop to keep you warm. (may just go and get this today) A magic in a bottle primer from the amazing hourglass makeup brand. A new semi matte lipstick from Nars, a change from my Mac. A new fragrance in the house with Diptyque keeping those summer nights in Turkey alive. A cute index finger ring (it’s very dainty) Cool fashion forward platform boots to dress up or dress down by Acne Studios. Some of these are within my reach and some may have to just stay on my lust list for now.

I’ve added some links for more info and where you can buy, from left to right:

Topshop Faux Fur Lined MA1 Bomber Jacket £65 here.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer £52 here.

Nars Jungle Red Lipsick £20 here.

Tai Jewelry Rose Gold Evil Eye Ring £28 here.

Diptyque Jasmine Scented Candle £40 here.

Acne Studios Elongated Platform Boot Orbit Black £440 here.

What’s on your pay day wish or lust list this month?

Secondblonde x2015/07/img_3224.jpg