Living the Coconut Dream

 I normally use Almond Milk to make my porridge each morning when I thought I’d try something new…

Coconut Dream is (as almond milk is) low in fat & easy to digest as it is naturally lactose free. It is also enriched with calcium and vitamins D2 & B12. Coconut Dream is the perfect choice for vegans, vegetarians or for use in kosher dishes. 

It tastes yummy (just like coconut) and it’s also refreshing as a cold milk drink or used in smoothies as a healthier non dairy alternative. It’s 100% natural, this non-dairy drink is made with the finest coconut cream and Italian rice.

It’s a big thumbs up from me, give it a try you might like it! I picked mine up from Tesco, you can also buy it at Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Secondblonde x 


Nail Rehab!

This calcium enriched award wining treatment product is the ultimate hero in the Dr LeWinn’s line.

20130831-093415.jpg It’s a 25 day treatment with 1 weeks then repeat, for maximum effect you should repeat the course 3 times.

20130831-093706.jpgThis stuff actually works, it repairs damaged, weak nails and eliminates peeling and flaking, improves nail strength and growth.

Benefits: Calcium to reinforce and condition.

20130831-094025.jpgThis little life saver is a multi-purpose nail treatment, as it can be used as a base and top-coat in one. It costs £17.50 but goes a long long way.
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