The history behind Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer and Audrey Hepburn


Since I’ve been working at Liberty London lot’s of my work mates and old client’s I bump into whilst they are shopping in store talk to me about the condition of their hair and ask me to recommend a good hair treatment…

If you are a regular reader or have worked with me in a hair salon you will know that I have an all time “go to” product that simply works: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. I talk about it all the time on social media and have blogged about it before. Elasticizer apart from being a fantastic product has a wonderful story behind it too. Philip (a leading trichologist with clinics in London/New York) counted Audrey Hepburn as a client in the early 1970’s who instantly become a dear friend and regular client of his until she passed away in 1993. She was booked to see Philip as she needed a treatment to repair/prevent damage to her hair as she was wearing wig’s for stage and the friction was causing damage. Philip got to work on a hair treatment prescribed for her needs which indeed was the original elasticizer.

I met Philip in 2012 at a hair event celebrating the launch of the Daily Damage Defence Spray. I had the pleasure of hearing his story first hand and about his first meeting with Audrey Hepburn. She was booked into his NY clinic under the name Mrs Dotti as she was married to an Italian doctor of that name at the time. Philip is so endearing I could listen to his knowledge/wisdom/stories all day, he is a true gentleman with a wonderful family and a great team behind him. He told me when she arrived for her first consultation she was sat across his desk, he was filling out her details checking all was correct when he suddenly put his pen down looked up from his desk and said “please forgive me for saying but I must say you have an extraordinary resemblance to Audrey Hepburn?” She replied rather sweetly “I am Audrey Hepburn” the rest is history…

Elasticizer (name was given in 1980) has gone on to be the best selling in all of the PK ranges becoming the “hero” product and multi-award winning all over the World.

Read all about Philip’s teachings in his book (I own one of course) Philip Kingsley The Hair Bible. Check out his full product range or find out about his clinic’s and prescriptive product range here. You can read Philip’s tips for applying elasticizer here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Have you tried Elasticizer or any other of the fabulous PK products yet?

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Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil 30ml

A sample of Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil arrived with Elle Magazine June edition. I do love a tester that’s worth testing…hopefully this is one of them.

IMG_9409.JPGThe Promise:
A lifesaver for fine/limp hair types leaving your hair smooth, sleek and shiny while adding volume.

The science Bit:
Contains violet extract which is nourishing/repairing plus added pro vitamin B5 which helps strengthen your hair and protect it from heat damage.

My Verdict:
I’m intrigued, an oil that’s not oily? Well the consistency looks/feels like water and when rubbed onto the back of my hand it’s clear and non sticky and quickly kind of evaporates! Now I’n definitely excited to try it out on my fine flat hair. The smell is like that of old lady talk (sorry guys! I usually love flowery smells) luckily once dry in your hair you don’t smell it anymore.

Two pumps applied on damp clean hair from root to tip, then I styled as normal. Wow! I can see the results instantly. My hair is noticeably shiny and bouncy and very bright and sparkly looking. It’s by no means weighed down and had managed to tame my flyaways. It feels like I don’t have any product in my hair which is a big YES FAT for me.

I’m pleasantly surprised how much I really like this product, it suits my hair type well and is so easy to use.

Thanks for the freebie ELLE magazine! Hurry if you wanna get yours, it’s the UK June Edition.

Have you tried it yet? Or have any other Percy & Reed products become your staple hair products, I’d love to hear from you.

Secondblonde x

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

My weekly hair ritual is Philip Kingsley’s hair Elasticizer treatment. Philip is a trichologist with clinics in London and New York. He developed this treatment in the early 1960’s for Audrey Hepburn. Having met Philip in person and listened to his stories makes it even more special.

This is a cult product that WORKS and continues to win awards. You can buy the retail version and use it at home or book yourself in to a salon for it with a relaxing head massage and blow dry.

Try Hari’s Salon for your Philip Kingsleyhair treatment.

At home, apply to wet dirty (unwashed) hair, leave on for a min of 20 mins or how ever long you wish. Apply a plastic cap. Rinse off, wash and condition hair as usual, and voila! Glossy, bouncy healthy hair. Continue to use weekly to prevent any further hair damage.