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I’ve just had my 42nd Birthday, the last time I posted about my age was just after my 40th Birthday and what I’d learn’t about myself upon turning 40. So here’s a letter I would write to my younger self..

Dear twenty something self,

It’s OK to make mistakes or make bad choices in life as that’s how you will learn and teach yourself to become a strong woman. Always listen to Mum and Dad’s advice as they’ve pretty much been right about everything…well not everything but most things during your twenties.

Don’t listen to your friends and work colleagues telling you that you are far too young to buy a flat at 21 years old and be tied down to a mortgage! It’s the best thing you ever did! And the biggest mistake they made not getting on the property ladder sooner. They have regretted it now still renting paying high fee’s or have had to move miles out of London to be able to afford a flat.

Don’t stay in a relationship if you are unhappy or just because you’ve been together so long and don’t want to admit it’s failed. Learn to have some self worth. Trust me on this one…In your late twenties early thirties you are going to have some new fun fun fun with a few surprise twists and turns that turn into an amazing new life and a relationship you wouldn’t of dreamed of!

Don’t worry about Dad just stay strong and keep positive, it’s going to be long and difficult seeing him at his lowest and weakest but he’s gonna be OK I promise. In fact he’s just got the 10 year all clear! 

Go for every single opportunity that comes your way and try not to care too much about work as it will only be you that suffers. Continue to do what you love and get paid for it, it’s OK to change your career path and you will do a couple times but you will always come back to what you love – so just go with the flow.

Have career goals and work at them every day, make a plan and stick to it, save some money and don’t touch it! ( I mean it, you really will wish you had savings in the bank in addition to the equity in your property) 

But most of all remember regardless of your financial situation or your career situation at the end of the day it’s only your family and nearest and dearest that really matter. 

Have no regrets I don’t think you have any really – just lot’s of learns which is good. But most of all you really need to learn to worry less about what anyone thinks about you (you will eventually conquer this in your 40’s) other than your family and cherish every moment you have with them.

Your Forty Something Self

Kelly x


New Monday + New Week = New Goals | secondblonde


I try to start each week with new goals and I don’t mean bigger picture life changing goals I just mean I try and start each week with a fresh focus no matter how big or small the goal is. Although working in retail your days/weeks can get a bit jumbled I still stick to Monday as the best day to set myself a personal or professional target.

The target could be a mundane one such as a household task like clearing out/tidying up an area of the house you’ve been putting off, which when it’s done is satisfyingly rewarding. It may be a personal  goal like setting more time aside for yourself or to start a new hobby or catch up with family or a friend you’ve been meaning to make time for. Or it could be dealing with your finances and searching for better deals saving you money annually that can go towards another goal! You get the picture. Whatever you decide to do set yourself a realistic goal. Plan it, write it down and stick to it! It doesn’t have to be complicated just a simple list will do and tick it off as you achieve it…seeing the results can be quite rewarding and give a sense if achievement with a positive impact to do more.

This week my focus is my beauty blog and social media platforms I manage- I’ve been so busy with “life” I’ve somehow neglected my passion but now I’ve set myself some goals my blogging mojo is back!

What are your personal goals this week?

Secondblonde x

Big News This Week on Secondblonde

Today I decided it’s time to give secondblonde the credit it deserves and registered my own domain name! Whoop whoop exciting times ahead!

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Secondblonde x