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I try to start each week with new goals and I don’t mean bigger picture life changing goals I just mean I try and start each week with a fresh focus no matter how big or small the goal is. Although working in retail your days/weeks can get a bit jumbled I still stick to Monday as the best day to set myself a personal or professional target.

The target could be a mundane one such as a household task like clearing out/tidying up an area of the house you’ve been putting off, which when it’s done is satisfyingly rewarding. It may be a personal  goal like setting more time aside for yourself or to start a new hobby or catch up with family or a friend you’ve been meaning to make time for. Or it could be dealing with your finances and searching for better deals saving you money annually that can go towards another goal! You get the picture. Whatever you decide to do set yourself a realistic goal. Plan it, write it down and stick to it! It doesn’t have to be complicated just a simple list will do and tick it off as you achieve it…seeing the results can be quite rewarding and give a sense if achievement with a positive impact to do more.

This week my focus is my beauty blog and social media platforms I manage- I’ve been so busy with “life” I’ve somehow neglected my passion but now I’ve set myself some goals my blogging mojo is back!

What are your personal goals this week?

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My little ol’ beauty blog turns 5 today! 2015 has been a good year for my blog, I hit my highest views per hour seeing a steady rise of followers. It’s your continued support that motivates me to write posts sharing my beauty experiences with you.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy creating them!

secondblonde x

The history behind Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer and Audrey Hepburn


Since I’ve been working at Liberty London lot’s of my work mates and old client’s I bump into whilst they are shopping in store talk to me about the condition of their hair and ask me to recommend a good hair treatment…

If you are a regular reader or have worked with me in a hair salon you will know that I have an all time “go to” product that simply works: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. I talk about it all the time on social media and have blogged about it before. Elasticizer apart from being a fantastic product has a wonderful story behind it too. Philip (a leading trichologist with clinics in London/New York) counted Audrey Hepburn as a client in the early 1970’s who instantly become a dear friend and regular client of his until she passed away in 1993. She was booked to see Philip as she needed a treatment to repair/prevent damage to her hair as she was wearing wig’s for stage and the friction was causing damage. Philip got to work on a hair treatment prescribed for her needs which indeed was the original elasticizer.

I met Philip in 2012 at a hair event celebrating the launch of the Daily Damage Defence Spray. I had the pleasure of hearing his story first hand and about his first meeting with Audrey Hepburn. She was booked into his NY clinic under the name Mrs Dotti as she was married to an Italian doctor of that name at the time. Philip is so endearing I could listen to his knowledge/wisdom/stories all day, he is a true gentleman with a wonderful family and a great team behind him. He told me when she arrived for her first consultation she was sat across his desk, he was filling out her details checking all was correct when he suddenly put his pen down looked up from his desk and said “please forgive me for saying but I must say you have an extraordinary resemblance to Audrey Hepburn?” She replied rather sweetly “I am Audrey Hepburn” the rest is history…

Elasticizer (name was given in 1980) has gone on to be the best selling in all of the PK ranges becoming the “hero” product and multi-award winning all over the World.

Read all about Philip’s teachings in his book (I own one of course) Philip Kingsley The Hair Bible. Check out his full product range or find out about his clinic’s and prescriptive product range here. You can read Philip’s tips for applying elasticizer here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Have you tried Elasticizer or any other of the fabulous PK products yet?

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Happy 4th Birthday to my Blog!

I created my little blog on 27th Dec 2010. I still can’t believe I’ve actually stuck at it! My writing style has evolved since my early posts though I still write in a style that is true to me! Thank you for your support, it’s a hobby I really enjoy and hope you enjoy reading posts as much as I enjoy creating them.

Love secondblonde x

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The Ultimate Bronze For Champions!

BENEFIT’s The Bronze Of Champions Kit. The little box of magic contains some of Benefit’s best-selling products for your eyes, lips and cheeks, this beautiful box will give you summer-ready skin in an instant. It was a Christmas gift from my very sweet niece’s Danielle 4yrs, Charlotte 3yrs – what good taste they have already 🙂

Watt’s Up

Is a Soft Focus Highlighter for the face. It has a cream-to-powder finish, this soft focus highlighter will give your complexion a luminous sheen which is very flattering and not cheap n glittery! It’s easy to apply and blends well. It will give your face a gorgeous glow. It’s my new found “can’t live without” product

Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-Tini

This creamy eye shadow glides on effortlessly, I love the fact it in indeed crease-proof as it makes it idiot proof and easy to blend in a hurry. It also has staying power and really won’t budge the whole day! 

 Long-wear Powder Shadow in Thanks A Latte

It’s Silky and soft and such a beautiful shade that suits all skin tones/eye colour.  It looks so pretty when applied and will stay from morning til night.

Hoola Bronzing Powder

Ok so this is “The”best-selling bronzer in the UK! A delicate powder that gives you a natural looking tan all year round. It doesn’t contain any glitzy glitter or shimmer but a healthy radiant complexion all year round. I have two friends who swear by it and use it all year round, Martina first introduced me to it and Jayne told me the other day it’s great for contouring.
Powder Brush
A mini version of the full size but still made from natural bristles, this soft brush allows for easy application of the Hoola Bronzing Powder. 
Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Hoola
A non sticky but glossy lip formula which moisture drenches your lips. Great for summer nights to compliment a radiant glow.

They’re Real! Beyond Mascara

Last but certainly not least! Another best-selling Benefit product. I’ve blogged about this mascara before. A fantastic multi-tasker it curls, volumises, lifts and separates your lashes, what more do you want? It also has a little bobble on the end if the wand which is great for building up the inner or outer lashes in the tricky places. It always looks like I’ve got falsies on when I’m wearing this glamorous mascara.
And of course all this comes complete with a mirror built on the lid of the box under the instructions/tips in true Benefit style with an illustrated step by step guide.


Go get one, you won’t  regret it , it’s a great way  to try them all out first. 

Secondblonde x

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Blog!

I created my blog on 27th December 2010, I never thought that I would keep it up or that it would attract much interest. I have achieved both, thank you to all that have supported me and given me the confidence to share my posts with you all. I’ve enjoyed writing them may you continue to enjoy reading them.

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