6 Beauty Tips For Summer Ready Skin 2016 | secondblonde

Oh how we all long for those long summer days and nights but what about prepping your skin so it looks it’s best when you bare all after being wrapped up in winter clothes and boots. Here are my straight talking no fuss simple tips:

1) DRINK WATER yes I know you’ve heard it a million times, water keeps your skin hydrated and also helps transport necessary nutrients keeping you healthy and energised. *if like me you find it difficult to drink lots of water you will love my tip #4

2) TAKE SUPPLEMENTS in the form of organic 100% natural healthy powders. Life is busy and sometimes we aren’t eating a balanced diet, I know I don’t most of the time. These powders such as baobab, morninga and spirulina can be added to prorridge, yoghurt and smoothies. I’ve started taking a baobab powder and I instantly feel energised and don’t have a mid morning slump anymore!

3) REVAMP your make-up bag. Start with a big de-clutter, take out any impulse buys you aren’t using and keep your staples. Add a few summer essentials such as a new lip shade and a bronzer.

image: milknheels.com

4) WATERMELON if you find it difficult to drink plenty of water like I do try snaking on watermelon in the summer months to up your water intake.

5) GET SCRUBBING wake up your skin with a salt scrub to soften skin and rid of dry patches such as elbows, knees and feet. When the sun is out and so are you limbs your skin will look healthy and glowy.

Image: sproutinghealthyhabits.com

6) TREAT YOUR FEET do a DIY treatment before bed. Remove thickened skin with a foot file, apply a rich foot cream or dry oil, cover in a plastic wrap then put cotton socks on. In the morning you will have baby soft feet ready to paint your toenails. Continue this at least once a week if you can for happy sandal worthy feet!

So that’s it folks! my 6 easy beauty tips getting your skin summer ready. What do you do to prepare for summer or a beach holiday?

Secondblonde x 

My Favourite Sun Protection Kit – Summer 2014

Riemann P20 has been a favourite of mine since I discovered it a few years ago after finding a bottle at my parents villa, they’ve sworn by it for years, now I always pick mine up at the airport at duty free!

20140813-102500-37500316.jpg(photo by Kelly Çakar location Olüdeniz beach Turkey)

I usually start with SPF 30 for the first day or two, then move down to SPF 15 for the duration for the holiday (except for the last day I switch to a low SPF bronzing oil )
Riemann P20 spray is a quick drying clear liquid with no smell and is very easy to use and does exactly what it claims to do. Once a day application, very very water resistant, no white marks and 10 hours solid protection. Perfect protection for a day of sun and swimming without the hassle of keep reapplying cream.

An oldie but goodie Ambre Solaire golden Touch Oil SPF 10 I usually buy one while on holiday as it’s quite cheap in Turkey.

20140813-110301-39781692.jpg (photo by Kelly Çakar location Olüdeniz beach Turkey)

I always finish my last 2 or so days with a bronzing oil, this oil contains Shea butter for a satin touch finish to your skin, the oil helps to protect your tan whilst protecting you from UVA rays. The smell is the pleasurable monoi fragrance we all know and relate to holiday sun. The spray is easy to use and the oil soaks in well so it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It also makes you pins look fab once tanned glistening in the sunshine!

You do need to reapply a couple of times but with the smell of this one it’s no hardship as you can’t get enough of it! I can smell it now just thinking about it, cocktail in one hand, book in the other hand……dreamy

Finally I always carry a sunblock stick, you know the kind that looks like a LipBalm, I use this on my nose, cheek bones, lips and ears. This year I picked one up at the airport in boots (I didn’t take a photo of it)
I went for the Soltan Active SPF 30 with the highest UVA protection.
It’s sweat resistant and non pore blocking, un perfumed so perfect for most skin types. It’s my secret to not looking like Rudolph the red nose reindeer in photo’s taken at night time on holiday!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my sun survival kit, what do you guys use, what are your favourite brands?

Secondblonde x

Holiday Arm Candy

I’m always partial to a beachwear style bracelet while on holiday in Turkey. The beach side shops are always awash with trinkets swaying in the breeze and leather bracelets available in every colour and style.

This summer I opted for pretty candy shades of baby pink and powder blue twists of so leather as it compliments my turkish eye bracelet.
Of course it cost next to nothing! (Under £1)

20140810-123855-45535785.jpg(14k gold bracelet with Turkish eyes I got from Izmir 2013)
These bracelets look great teamed with a chunky rose gold bracelet watch, oh and perfect with a tan!

What are your favourite summer time accessories?


Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer in Neon Pink

It’s day1 inTürkiye at “Azda”our local supermarket while loading our trolley full of wholesome foods and naughty delights I came across a bargain bucket of beauty finds near the tills. What caught my eye were little bottles of bright pops of coloured nail varnish, a brand unknown to me but looked appealing all the same.

And I’m on holiday the rules are different aren’t they?

20140723-175903-64743913.jpg(image taken when I got home)

I couldn’t resist and dropped a neon pink into my trolley knowing it will compliment my tan (once I got one which I intended on asap)

20140723-180212-64932649.jpgGolden Rose nail lacquer cost only 2 Turkish lira (about 57 pence!!!!)

It glided on smooth and even, two coats for the perfect colour. The bottle is a nice shape with the applicator easy to hold/use. The brush is slim and doesn’t overload with polish. It dried quickly with a gloss and I liked the fact it’s slightly sheer. I didn’t have a topcoat with me so am impressed with it’s staying power.

20140723-180447-65087811.jpg(image taken after 9 days wear)

Day 9 and no sign of chipping or fading and that’s with a few chores around our villa and of course days out/nights out/shopping trips and swimming in our pool plus a few long days at the beach! It’s only just started to wear off the tips.

The colour looks even better now my hands are a shade of golden brown. I think I will re-apply when I get back home as my summer hue, this time with a topcoat for extra gloss. My toes have one of my old favourites Essie’s bachelorette bash, but I’m thinking about changing them to my new love for pink neon pronto!

20140723-180908-65348793.jpgI wish I went back for more colours, there was an appealing jade green and a cool cornflower blue…oh well there’s always next time!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Sometimes it’s good to escape, a little moment of quiet, just you and Mother Nature to collect your thoughts. We all need space, Dymchurch beach on the Kent coast is my favourite getaway.